Trinity United Church of Ottawa
1099 Maitland Ave

Ottawa, ON  K2C 2B8


Our Purpose 

Momentum for Mission

We are a compassionate, progressive and affirming community that nurtures and celebrates each others' spiritual growth. We are rooted in our Christian tradition and open to the truths of other faiths.


We strive to follow Jesus' example by applying his teachings to today's challenges. We share our personal experiences of the Divine to help each other recognize God in all creation.


We believe a more just and sustainable world is possible through increased love, awareness and action. We invest in our children, our community and our world to help make this so.

Who We Are

We are open and welcoming;

We are affirming of people who are marginalized;

We are accepting, inclusive, diverse and progressive;

We are compassionate friends and family;

We are nurturing; supporting each other on journeys of discovery;

We are critical thinkers who create a safe place to question and explore;

We are lifelong learners who share our growth experiences and challenge each other to grow further.

How We Practice

We reflect on thought-provoking sermons;

We contemplate how Jesus' teachings apply to today's situations and challenges;

We identify and confront injustice;

We ask ourselves what we believe;

We pray, meditate and are moved by music and other sensory experiences;

We study scripture and contemporary scholars;

We share our resources and take action to help our world, our community and our children.

What We Believe

We believe all are loved by God;

We believe each of us can experience the Divine;

We believe in lessons from our Christian tradition;

We believe truths are found in many spiritual traditions;

We believe in sharing God's message of inclusion;

We believe God is in all creation: the kindness of strangers, love of friends and family, in nature;

We believe a more just and sustainable world is possible.