Trinity United Church of Ottawa
1099 Maitland Ave

Ottawa, ON  K2C 2B8


Caring & Connecting 

Visiting Care Team


Trinity’s Visiting Care Team consists of our Minister and a team of volunteers who are dedicated to providing care and support to our congregation during losses, depression, life changes and other difficult times.

Visiting Care Services include:

  • Regularly visiting and phoning those who are homebound or ill

  • Visiting patients at local hospitals

  • Assisting with funeral receptions at Trinity

  • Hosting a Springtime lunch for seniors

  • Assisting with our annual Time of Remembrance Service

  • Mailing cards to ill and/or bereaved families

Affirming and PRIDE Group


Led by congregation members as an off-shoot of Visiting Care, “Trinity Pride” holds activities related to Trinity being an Affirming Community.

Some examples include:

  • A celebratory Pride Potluck (a Sunday School initiative) featuring rainbow coloured foods, along with poetry written by a Sunday School student, crafts, celebration and games focusing on discovering affirming facts.

  • Participating in Ottawa’s annual PRIDE march for which one of the students created a beautiful banner for the day.

  • Participating in the Bowl-a-thon in support of Camp Ten Oaks for LGBTQ+ kids.

Men's Breakfast


Gathers to discuss scripture and life and share a great meal once a month.  This is held on the second Thursday of the Monday at 8am at Summerhay's.  Join Us!

Wednesday Meditation Group


Trinity’s Wednesday evening meditation group meets at 7:00 pm for an hour of practice and support to those developing a regular meditation practice. The group has it’s roots in both Christian contemplative prayer, and Buddhist practices of compassionate awareness and mindfulness. Everyone is welcome! If interested, contact Robert Taylor through

Outreach & Justice 

At Trinity, we express our passions for justice, our concern for the environment and our callings to spread compassion in many ways. We can each find support for expressing our personal giving spirit in one of many groups: Trinity Outreach Committee, Trinity Justice Committee, Trinity Green Team, Trinity Jubilee Foundation and the United Church Mission & Service Fund, as well as many spontaneous individual and Council initiatives.

Trinity Outreach Committee (TOC)


  • Supports the Caldwell Food Bank with a monthly financial donation and regular food drives.


  • Awards annual Scholarships to deserving college and university students in the Carlington community.


  • Organizes and delivers personalized Caring and Sharing Gift Hampers to families at Christmastime.


  • Sponsors summer camp experiences for Ottawa kids who wouldn’t otherwise get out of the city.


  • Provides snacks to students during exam time through the Pause Table at Carleton University.


  • Partners with local helping organizations, continually delivering practical items from our homes to those who are homeless or less privileged.


Trinity Justice Committee (TJC)


The Trinity Justice Committee (TJC) has a mandate to look at social justice issues from a Christian perspective, raise awareness of the most pressing issues, and provide opportunities for the congregation to take action.


Each year, we choose a theme and raise awareness through announcements in church, notices in the weekly bulletin, articles in quarterly newsletters, notice board displays, movie nights, TED talk evenings and TJC-led services. Our action can take the form of letter writing for Amnesty International, signing petitions, writing to government officials, participating in marches and rallies on Parliament Hill, sponsoring refugees and engaging with the wider public through events in person and on Zoom.


Past themes have included trans gender Issues, Truth and Reconciliation, food insecurity, access to clean water, privilege and racism, climate change, affordable housing and homelessness as well as a basic livable income, and long-term and home care.

As a result of our past theme on trans gender issues, we established a Refugee Committee to sponsor a trans refugee from Eastern Africa, which


  • has raised the necessary funds,  

  • provides ongoing support to her as we await her arrival in Canada.


Many of us are anxious about climate change and what lies ahead for our world. This year, we are exploring Climate Change from a Christian Perspective: Maintaining Hope through Action.


We make the congregation aware of the issues through notices in the weekly bulletin, articles in our quarterly newsletter, and books that can be borrowed.


On March 20th, we will be hosting a Panel on our theme with experts on the problem as well as some suggestions on overcoming climate anxiety by taking action.


We will celebrate Earth Day, April 21st, with a church service on our theme, followed by a soup luncheon, two TED talks and an opportunity to share our concerns and what part we can play in mitigating climate change.


TJC also:


  • participates in and hosts Amnesty International Write for Rights events,

  • cares for the church’s wildflower garden. 

Trinity Green Team


Trinity has been a ‘green church’ for decades – taking action to make our church as energy efficient as possible and encouraging the congregation to follow suit.

We have nearly completed the Dark Green (highest) level of the Greening Sacred Spaces Certification program. 


With help from the UCC’s Faithful Footprints program, we have reduced our energy usage by installing LED lights throughout the church, adding insulation and replacing our old refrigerators.

We replaced our gas water heater with an electric one. And, with help from Faithful Footprints as well as other grants and donations, once our final two (of five) heat pumps are installed at the end of February, we will have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions from our heating system to zero.

Turtle Island Discussion Group


The Turtle Island Discussion Group meets throughout the year to compassionately learn about the lives and history of our indigenous brothers and sisters. The goal of this group is to foster better understanding of, and connection with, our indigenous peoples in order to continue to move towards reconciliation. The name of the group was inspired by the traditional story of Turtle Island. For some Indigenous peoples, Turtle Island refers to the continent of North America. 



Trinity Jubilee Foundation


An independent organization founded at Trinity in the biblical Jubilee year of 2001, TJF channels our excess wealth to those in critical need, through sponsored projects around the world, matched by government funding. Visit TJF’s website.

Mission & Service Fund


Trinity United consistently ranks highest in our Presbytery for per household donations to the Mission & Service Fund of the United Church of Canada.